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New Apple iPadOS, your Favorite Apps & your Apple iPad

It's about that time of year again where Apple releases a big update to their mobile device's Operating Systems, or "OS" and with that update comes some changes to your favorite apps and the devices you use them on.

This particular update is coming later in 2019 and is specifically targeted towards Apple iPads. Some iPads will have issues with particular apps after this update, and below we're going to discuss which iPads will be affected, how they will be affected, and what you as the user should do to prepare for it.

The iPad that is mainly going to be affected by this newest update is the Apple iPad Air 1.

The iPad Air 1 will not update to the new version that is coming out (called iPadOS). As a consequence, certain apps will no longer download and install on this device after the update is released. Why? App developers update their apps to work with the newest version of the operating system that is out. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify will likely not be supported on older versions of the OS, meaning they will not update or install on older iPads, now including the iPad Air 1. (Note: All iPads older than the Air 1 already have this problem currently, so you may be familiar with this issue if you own an iPad 2, 3, or 4.) The iPad Air 2 and all newer iPads will continue to update and will be able to download and install apps without issue.

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Be aware that iPads newer than the Air 1 will be briefly affected, because app developers will take some time to update their apps to work with the newest OS. Generally this takes about a week or two and during that time apps may freeze, crash, and fail to load. Once the developers have made their app work with the newest OS, they release an update that can be downloaded from the app store, and this should resolve any issue you may have with it.

Will my Air 1 still work with my favorite apps after the update??

To prepare for this update with your Air 1, make sure you download and install all of the apps you wish to have and continue to use on your iPad Air 1 as soon as you can and before the update is released. If the apps are already installed on the iPad, MOST will continue to function even after the newest OS comes out. This allows you to continue to use the apps you love. Be aware, if you factory reset your device, or uninstall the app, it may be impossible to get back.

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