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Need help upgrading your software OR HARDWARE?

NEED TO fix your Mac or PC?

RizTech can repair your Apple Mac & PC computers.


We are here to help you with repairs such as:

  • troubleshooting & diagnostic

  • screen replacement

  • hard drive upgrade, repair & replace

  • hardware upgrades including Solid State Drives

  • software upgrades

  • memory upgrade & replace

  • motherboard replacements

  • battery replacement

  • Windows, Chrome or MacOS upgrades & installation

  • Virus & malware removal

  • Date retrieval

  • Have another concern? Ask us, we will let you know if we can help.

RizTech will optimize your current settings to run at the best performance as well as find any threats to your computer.  We will let you know if there are any issues, check for viruses, and upgrade Windows.

free diagnostics
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