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Holidays are a time for spreading joy and giving hope and love. Would you consider helping Cups Cafe continue its mission of feeding any person who walks in their doors for free?


Teenagers today are searching for a place to go and someone who will listen. Cups is a place where young people can go to find someone who will listen, feed them, help with tutoring and homework, oh and…everything’s free...


Read more about this amazing organization here. RizTech is sponsoring this raffle and the prizes (AND ODDS OF WINNING) are very exciting. We reached our goal of selling 50 tickets (so 25:1 winning odds at the time of this post) and now hope to sell at least 50 more!


Please purchase a raffle ticket here at RizTech or at Cups Cafe and be entered to win either a new xBox S Console with 512GB SSD or a new Nintendo Switch Console. 100% of all money raised goes directly to Cups Cafe to help people in our local community be warm, fed, and treated with dignity.


Join us in spreading awareness about this incredible organization and consider supporting them and you could maybe be our winner!

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