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You can save hundreds buying a used computer if you ask the right questions first.

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

RizTech in Medina, Ohio has over 200 computers in stock, new and used with an impressive inventory of MacBooks and iMacs to help you save hundreds on your next computer purchase.
Rows of used MacBooks available for sale at RizTech in Medina Square

Why should I buy a used computer?

Buying something new is fabulous. A new home, new car, new computer… these are wonderful luxuries that simply can't be beat! Sometimes we have to skip luxuries. Many of us have a budget that includes retirement, kids, tuition, loans and simple life costs that get in the way of getting the luxuries we want and deserve. That is why we strategically balance our wants and needs. We want to be smart with our money and will sacrifice a bit here and there so we can take little Johnny to get ice cream, buy his soccer cleats so he can be on the team, fill a prescription or any of the million things that add up in our busy lives.

You can get a great used computer for much less than buying new, often saving hundreds of dollars.

Where should I look for a used computer?

Once you have figured out the specifications you need in a computer, you can start shopping and comparing prices. For example, you decide on a used MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM (memory) and want a 128GB Solid State Hard Drive or better. Look online for pricing ideas and availability on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and even Facebook Marketplace. If you find the perfect computer in your budget, can you see it before you buy it? Are you confident the seller is honest with the description? Always look at the seller’s reviews from verified buyers.

Buying in person is best when buying a used computer so you can test the unit and make sure it meets your needs. Always meet in a safe public location.

What should I ask if I want to buy a used computer?

If you are buying a Mac, the first question needs to be if the computer is unlocked. If the computer is iCloud locked, not even the FBI can get into it so you just purchased a fancy paperweight. The only way to fix this will be to replace the logic board and that can cost around $500. Once you are assured the MacBook is not locked, does it have an operating system (OS) loaded and what is the most current OS it can operate?

If you are buying a used computer from an individual online, you will have to take their word for it that it is operating as it should and is free of malware. Are they local so you can meet somewhere safe and test it before you hand over your wad of cash? If you found a great deal online, can you return it if you receive the computer in the mail and it has a bad logic board, bad battery, some keys aren't working, it is locked, etc? What is the warranty? How much is shipping to return it?

If you are shopping for a used computer, check RizTech first.
RizTech offers NE Ohio a safe way to purchase used computers.

If you are like me, then you want to see it, touch it and test it before you buy it. I recommend finding a local business that specializes in selling used computers. These businesses refurbish computers which means the units are tested and free of malware and viruses, all necessary repairs and upgrades were made, the OS has been professionally installed, and will come with a warranty. Read their reviews online and go check out what they have.

If you live in NE Ohio, a trusted place to get a used computer is RizTech in Medina Square. You can buy new and refurbished computers at RizTech, both Mac and PC. With over 200 computers in stock, you are certain to find what you are looking

for and have peace of mind doing so.

Read RizTech's reviews HERE.

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