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Cell Phone Repairs! Akron - Medina - Cleveland repair center @ RizTech

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Is your phone broken? Were you walking Sand Run and dropped it? Were you having a beer with the boys and dropped your iPhone and got it wet? Maybe your kid dropped their Galaxy phone on the bus ride home? There are countless ways to damage your cell phone and now there is one place you can absolutely trust to fix your phone and offer you honest diagnostics, affordable service and unmatched customer service. RizTech can help you with your Apple iPhone, Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Phone and more.

Broken, wet, running slow, dead battery, damaged camera, charge port damage... chances are we can fix it.

The questions we are getting asked the most about phone repairs are.... "How much will it cost?" and "How long will this take?" and "Do you have a warranty on your repairs?"

Read on if you have these same questions.

1. How much will it cost?

First... if you don't know exactly what is going on, we will diagnose your problem(s) for you for free. We will check to see what is going on and let you know what the problem(s) are. You can decide to fix or or not. If you decide to not go forward with the repair, we will not charge you for our time. If we can NOT repair your phone, we will not charge you for our time.


If you decide to have the trusted and certified techs at RizTech repair your device, prices vary from device to device, and our prices will fluctuate as the prices for parts change*. I will give you an example of our current pricing for common Apple iPhone 6 repairs, these costs include parts and labor and warranty.

iPhone 6 Repairs Prices at RizTech*

Glass/LCD Repair $79.98

Battery Repair $39.98

Charge Port Repair $44.98

Front Camera/Prox Sensor Repair $44.98

Rear Camera Repair $34.98

*Prices listed are as of January 2020 and subject to change, please call or visit RizTech for current pricing. 330.952.1225

Something worth noting... Apple repairs are significantly less expensive than Samsung repairs because Samsung screens and parts are much, much more expensive and the repairs are more labor intensive. Example, to replace a Samsung Galaxy s6 screen is $189.98*. More than double from the Apple iPhone 6. Something to consider when you are buying a new phone.

Curious how our repair costs compare to the big box stores? So was I... and so I checked them out and was extra excited to see how much less we are than a few in our area. Shop small AND save money... all day long please!!

2. How long will this take?

MOST of our repairs can be done in about an hour, some even will be done while you wait. If we have to order a part, it might take a day or two. That is "in rare cases" but can happen. If you want to be sure we have the parts in for your particular phone, call ahead to be sure! 330.952.1225

RizTech has the exceptional service you want and the savings you need for all phone repairs
RizTech fixes phones for Akron, Medina and Cleveland Ohio

3. Do you have a warranty on your repairs?

YES OF COURSE! Just as we guarantee our computer repairs, we also guarantee our phone repairs! As an example, we give you a 1 year warranty on screen replacements and 6 month warranty on battery replacements. This guarantees the parts and service we preformed for you were fantastic and you can have the same peace of mind with our phone repairs as you have enjoyed with your computer repairs here at RizTech. Chat with us when you come in for more details.

RizTech is committed to meeting the tech needs of our community. Please visit RizTech for ALL your computer, phone and tablet repairs. Have a question? Call us, we really and truly are here to help you. 330.952.1225

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